Configuration files


The startsite template

No longer used: the cookiecutter-startsite project contains a cookiecutter template used by getlino startsite.

Shared virtual environments

You can run multiple Lino sites on a same virtualenv. That virtualenv is then called a shared virtualenv environemnt

When you update a shared environment (using pull.sh or some manual pip command), the change will affect all sites at once and you must take special care for migrating their data.

In a developer environment and a contributor environment you usually have a single shared env used by all your sites. On a production server you usually have no shared env at all (each production site has its own env). On a demo server you usually have several shared envs:

  • /usr/local/lino/sharedenvs/master

  • /usr/local/lino/sharedenvs/stable

You can specify a default shared environment with getlino configure --shared-env getlino startsite --shared-env.

Note that getlino configure --clone will install all known framework repositories into the default shared env.

getlino startsite does not install any Python packages when a shared env is used.

Scripts generated by getlino


Update the Python packages used by this virtualenv.

Generated by getlino configure and/or getlino startsite whenever Lino creates a virtualenv.

This includes both the packages installed from cloned source code repositories and those installed via PyPI.

Template: https://github.com/lino-framework/getlino/blob/master/getlino/templates/pull.sh