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synodal : Metadata about Synodalsoft

The synodal package contains metadata about the code repositories maintained by the Synodalsoft project.

It is used for example by getlino to clone and install the Synodalsoft packages, and by lino.sphinxcontrib.configure() to set intersphinx_mapping.

Source code repository: https://gitlab.com/lino-framework/synodal

Change history: https://gitlab.com/lino-framework/synodal/-/commits/master

Instructions for the maintainer

The synodal.py file is generated code. You generate it by running the make_code.py file:


You need a full developer environment installed in order to do this.

The distributed package contains only the synodal.py file, not the make_code.py file.

How to release to PyPI:

  • Update the version number in pyproject.toml

  • Run inv test

  • python -m build

  • twine check dist/*

  • twine upload dist/*

  • git st

  • git ci -am "release to pypi" ; git push