The Lino developer documentation about Lino is targeted at two different types of developers.

  • As an application developer you want write your own Lino application and focus on the business logic of your customer who wants a customized database application. You will write pure Python code and learn how to use Lino and its underlying framework, Django. This is documented in the Developer Guide.

  • As a contributing developer you want to help us to make Lino better. You must understand the two other activities because these are your "customers", but you need to know more than this. You might find yourself writing the Python code that generates the React and Javascript code that makes up a Lino front end. This is covered by the Contributor Guide.

How to contact us

The Lino book is interesting and understandable for everybody. At least in theory. Please let us know when you discover a passage where theory doesn't match reality. We count on you as a reader to help us.

Lino is free software, it belongs to us all. The mere fact of asking for help and giving feedback is already a contribution to making this guide better. The Lino community thanks you in advance.