The getlino startsite command

getlino startsite

Create a new Lino site on a Lino server that has previously been configured using getlino startsite.

The script will ask you some questions:

Run-time behaviour options:


Whether to run in batch mode, i.e. without asking any questions. Assume yes to all questions. Don't use this on a machine that is already being used.

Settings for the new site


A space-separated list of repositories for which this site uses the development version (i.e. not the PyPI release).

Usage example:

$ getlino startsite avanti mysite --dev-repos "lino xl"

Not that the sort order is important. The following would not work:

$ getlino startsite avanti mysite --dev-repos "xl lino"

Full path to the shared virtualenv to use for this site. Default value is the value specified during getlino configure --shared-env If this is empty, the new site will get its own virgin environment.