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deploy : Deployment management

This document specifies the deployment management functions implemented in lino_xl.lib.deploy.

This document contains code snippets (lines starting with >>>) that get tested as part of our development workflow.

>>> import lino
>>> lino.startup('lino_book.projects.noi1e.settings.demo')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *

What is a milestone

What is a wish?

class lino_xl.lib.deploy.Deployment

A wish (formerly “deployment”) is the fact that a given ticket is being fixed (or installed or activated) by a given milestone (to a given site).

A wish is when a given ticket occurs as item in a given milestone.


The milestone (activity) containing this wish.

class lino_xl.lib.deploy.WishTypes

When a ticket occurs in a milestone, then we might want to qualify how or why it occured. We call it the “type” of that “wish”.

Internally this is done in the Deployment.wish_type field of the Deployment model.

Lino Noi knows the following types of wishes:

>>> rt.show("deploy.WishTypes")  
======= ============== ==============
 value   name           text
------- -------------- --------------
 10      talk           Agenda item
 20      new_feature    New feature
 22      optimization   Optimization
 25      bugfix         Bugfix
 30      gimmick        Gimmick
 40      side_effect    Side effect
 50      todo           Resolution
 60      aftermath      Aftermath
======= ============== ==============

a new ticket was created as the result of this milestone

class lino_xl.lib.deploy.Deployments
class lino_xl.lib.deploy.DeploymentsByMilestone
class lino_xl.lib.deploy.DeploymentsByTicket

Show the milestones where this ticket occurs as a wish.

For example, ticket #17 occurs as agenda item in milestone 20150513@welsch:

>>> obj = rt.models.tickets.Ticket.objects.get(pk=17)
>>> rt.show("deploy.DeploymentsByTicket", obj)  
<ul><li><em>Gimmick</em> in <em>20150513@welsch</em> : </li></ul>
>>> rt.show("deploy.DeploymentsByTicket", obj, nosummary=True)  
================= =========== ========
 Meeting           Wish type   Remark
----------------- ----------- --------
 20150513@welsch   Gimmick
================= =========== ========