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Setting up a simulated production server

For testing nginx-specific issues you might want to run a "simulated" production server that unlike a real production server uses your local repositories but otherwise runs as a series of real nginx and wsgi and linod processes.

Set shared permissions in your default virtualenv:

$ sudo chown root:www-data .
$ sudo chmod g+ws .

Otherwise it might happen that nginx compiles a .pyc file that you cannot modify afterwards.

Run getlino configure and getlino startsite as root (remember Set up a Lino production server for details):

$ sudo su
# getlino configure
# getlino startsite noi first

Point your browser to http://first.localhost


When using nginx and you want to restart it, you must restart supervisor (not nginx) because the wsgi process of the site is running there. nginx itself usually doesn't need to be restarted.