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properties : configurable properties

The lino_xl.lib.properties plugin adds the notions of configurable properties.

It plugin is deprecated. The idea was to have a very customizable set of "properties" that can be used for "everything". But life shows that it is usually better to use combinations of customer-specific choicelists and database models.

This page is a tested document and the following instructions are used for initialization:

>>> import lino
>>> lino.startup('lino_book.projects.min9.settings')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *
>>> from django.db.models import Q


A PropOccurence is when a given "property owner" has a given Property. "Property owner" can be anything: a person, a company, a product, an upload, it depends on the implementation of PropOccurence. For example lino.projects.pcsw.models.PersonProperty.

A Property defines the configuration of a property.


>>> show_menu_path(properties.PropTypes)
Configure --> Properties --> Property Types
>>> rt.show('properties.PropTypes')
==== ================ ====================== ================== ==================== =============== ================== ==================
 ID   Designation      Designation (de)       Designation (fr)   Choices List         default value   Limit to choices   Multiple choices
---- ---------------- ---------------------- ------------------ -------------------- --------------- ------------------ ------------------
 1    Present or not   Vorhanden oder nicht   Présent ou pas                                          No                 No
 2    Rating           Bewertung              Appréciation(?)    properties.HowWell   2               No                 No
 3    Division         Abteilung              Division                                                No                 No
==== ================ ====================== ================== ==================== =============== ================== ==================
>>> rt.show('properties.PropGroups')
No data to display
>>> rt.show('properties.Properties')
No data to display
class lino_xl.lib.properties.PropType

The type of the values that a property accepts. Each PropType may (or may not) imply a list of choices.

Examples: of property types:

  • Knowledge (Choices: "merely", "acceptable", "good", "very good",...)

  • YesNo (no choices)


The default value to set when creating a PropertyOccurence. This is currently used only in some fixture...

class lino_xl.lib.properties.PropChoice

A Choice for a given PropType. text is the text to be displayed in combo boxes.

value is the value to be stored in PropValue.value, it must be unique for all PropChoices of a given PropType.

Choices for a given PropType will be sorted on value (we might make this more customizable if necessary by adding a new field sort_text and/or an option to sort on text instead of value)

When configuring your property choices, be aware of the fact that existing property occurences will not change when you change the value of a property choice.

class lino_xl.lib.properties.PropGroup

A Property Group defines a list of Properties that fit together under a common name. Examples of Property Groups: Skills, Soft Skills, Obstacles There will be one menu entry per Group.

class lino_xl.lib.properties.Property

Represents a property.

class lino_xl.lib.properties.PropertyOccurence

A Property Occurence is when a Property occurs, possibly having a certain value.

Abstract base class for | lino_welfare.modlib.cv.models.PersonProperty, | lino_welfare.modlib.cv.models.WantedProperty, | lino_welfare.modlib.cv.models.AvoidedProperty, | ...

class lino_xl.lib.properties.HowWell

A list of possible answers to questions of type "How well ...?": "not at all", "a bit", "moderate", "quite well" and "very well"

class lino_xl.lib.properties.DoYouLike

A list of possible answers to questions of type "How much do you like ...?".