The Lino Minimal projectsΒΆ

The demo projects lino_book.projects.min1 to min9 are a series of minimalistic applications used by a number of tests and tutorials.

  • min1 is a minimalistic application for managing your contacts. It uses just the contacts plugin and its dependencies. See contacts : Managing contacts.

  • min2 adds calendar functionality. See cal : Calendar functionality. Some features are:

    • Warn about Unconfirmed and Overdue appointments

    • Link calendar entries to your contacts

    • Manage invitations to your events

    • Manage presences of your guests to your events

    • Export data to .xlsx file.

  • min3 replaces the single phone, gsm and email fields by multiple contact details (the phones plugin)

  • min9 is an attempt to use as many plugins as possible.