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The Lino Minimal projects

The demo projects lino_book.projects.min1 to min9 are a series of minimalistic applications used by a number of tests and tutorials.

  • min1 is a minimalistic application for managing your contacts. It uses just the contacts plugin and its dependencies. See contacts : Managing contacts.

  • min2 adds calendar functionality. See cal : Calendar functionality. Some features are:

    • Warn about Unconfirmed and Overdue appointments

    • Link calendar entries to your contacts

    • Manage invitations to your events

    • Manage presences of your guests to your events

    • Export data to .xlsx file.

  • min3 replaces the single phone, gsm and email fields by multiple contact details (the phones plugin)

  • min9 is an attempt to use as many plugins as possible.

Minimal applications are used for testing, demonstrations and didactical purposes. They are minimal in the sense that they don't define any applicaton logic for themselves, they just use a combination of modules from lino.modlib.

Currently Lino has the following minimal applications: