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The getlino startproject command

getlino startproject

Create a new Lino application using the Algus repository as template.

This page is a tested document and the following instructions are used for initialization:

>>> from atelier.sheller import Sheller
>>> shell = Sheller()
>>> shell("getlino startproject --help")  
Usage: getlino startproject [OPTIONS] PROJECTNAME

  Start a new Lino application project.

  Takes one mandatory argument `projectname`, which is essentially the
  application name.

  -p, --prefix TEXT       Name prefix to use on the app name. Ex.
                          `lino_algus`, here: `lino` is the prefix and `algus`
                          is the app name.

  -c, --core              If `True`, `startproject` will treat the new project
                          as one of the lino core projects. Implications are
                          like using, `lino` as the project prefix and such.

  -a, --author TEXT       Author name
  -e, --email TEXT        Author email
  -d, --description TEXT  Project description
  --no-input              Whether to ask the user for inputs for unspecified
                          options such as '--author', '--email', '--

  --help                  Show this message and exit.
>>> shell("getlino startproject foo --no-input")
Fetching project template...
Creating project foo from lino_algus...
Renamed 3 directories and 1 files.
Found 57 files and modified 41 files.