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primary key

The primary key of a database table (which we call "Model" in Lino) is one of it fields which holds the unique identification of each row. This field is often not shown to the user.


See Django docs

Internal Server Error

When an exception occurs that is not catched, then Lino behaves like any Django application and return a HTTP return code 500.


Obsolete. The manuals repository no longer exists.


The algus repository is a template for new Lino applications.


The Lino LETS repository (https://gitlab.com/lino-framework/lets) is a full Lino application for didactic purposes. Used by the The LETS tutorial.

Lino Psico

An early name for Lino Tera.

Lino Sunto

Lino Sunto is the first free (GPL) Lino application developed by somebody else than the author. It is hosted at https://github.com/ManuelWeidmann/lino-sunto

Lino Welfare

A plugin library that adds new concepts specific to the work of Belgian social centres.

See https://welfare.lino-framework.org

Lino Voga

"Faggio" was an early name of the Lino Voga project.

Lino Patrols

See http://patrols.lino-framework.org

Lino Logos

See :ref:`` See http://logos.lino-framework.org