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events : Publishing an event calendar

The lino_book.projects.events project and the lino_xl.lib.events plugin were written for a website site that no longer exists, but the project remains interesting because it has an example of a table view with dynamic columns.

This project does not use lino.modlib.users because the content was being maintained by updating the source code of its demo fixture (file vor.py)

Originally this project didn’t even have a web front end. It just created a set of Sphinx source files, which were then built into a static web site. See 2014-02-03.

Meanwhile this approach is no longer used because Lino has evolved since then. You just invoke runserver in the project directory as with any Lino demo site. The website is “automatically” read-only because AnonymousUser has no permission to edit anything.


The dashboard of this site shows a series of tables that are all defined by a same actor, but their columns vary depending on the type of event: some tables have three columns (“When?” “What?” and “Where?”) while others have only two columns (“When?” and “Where?”).

Lines starting with >>> in this document are code snippets that get tested as part of our development workflow.

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_book.projects.events.settings')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *

Test the content of the admin main page.

>>> # test_client.force_login(rt.login('rolf').user)
>>> # res = test_client.get('/api/main_html', REMOTE_USER='rolf')
>>> res = test_client.get('/api/main_html')
>>> print(res.status_code)
>>> result = json.loads(res.content.decode())
>>> result['success']
>>> # print(html2text(result['html']))
>>> soup = BeautifulSoup(result['html'], 'lxml')

Test a few basic things:

>>> links = soup.find_all('a')
>>> len(links)
>>> tables = soup.find_all('table')
>>> len(tables)
>>> for h in soup.find_all('h2'):
...     print(h.text.strip())
Breitensport ⏏
Radrennen Straße ⏏
MTB Rennen ≥ 15-jährige ⏏
Mountainbike Rennsport -- Kids Trophy O2 Biker/V.O.R.-Lotto ⏏

We might also test the complete content, but currently we skip this test as it is much work to maintain.

>>> print(soup.get_text(' ', strip=True))