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See 2012-05-08.


The file that defines the database models of a plugin.

Every plugin usually has such a file, and Django imports them automatically during startup. See More about plugins.


A file that defines the data tables (the “user interface”) provided by a plugin.

By convention this file, if it exists, is to be imported into the models.py file using a line from .ui import * at the bottom of that file.


See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/5.0/intro/tutorial01/#creating-a-project


See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/5.0/intro/tutorial01/#creating-a-project


The Python language requires a file __init__.py in each directory that is to be considered as a package. Read the Packages chapter of the Python Tutorial for more.

The __init__.py files of a Django app are often empty, but with Lino these files can contain lino.core.plugin.Plugin class definitions.


This is the directory where Lino expects certain subdirs.


.po files are gettext catalogs. They contain chunks of English text as they appear in Lino, together with their translation into a given language. See How to contribute translations.


These are obsolete synonyms for linoweb.js.


An input template used by lino.modlib.weasyprint.