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The get_change_body() method

This document tests the get_change_body method of the lino.modlib.notify.ChangeNotifier mixin.

This page is a tested document and the following instructions are used for initialization:

>>> import datetime
>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_book.projects.noi1r.settings')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *
>>> from lino.core.diff import ChangeWatcher
>>> from lino.modlib.notify.mixins import ChangeNotifier

Here are the change notifiers used in Lino Noi:

>>> pprint(rt.models_by_base(ChangeNotifier))
[<class 'lino_noi.lib.cal.models.Event'>,
 <class 'lino_xl.lib.cal.models.Task'>,
 <class 'lino.modlib.comments.models.Comment'>,
 <class 'lino_noi.lib.groups.models.Group'>,
 <class 'lino_noi.lib.tickets.models.Site'>,
 <class 'lino_noi.lib.tickets.models.Ticket'>]
>>> obj = tickets.Ticket.objects.first()
>>> cw = None
>>> cw = ChangeWatcher(obj)
>>> ar = rt.login("robin", renderer=settings.SITE.kernel.default_renderer, permalink_uris=True)
>>> obj.summary = "foo"

Just to verify that our change watcher works:

>>> cw.is_dirty()
>>> from etgen.html import tostring
>>> tostring(cw.get_updates_html())
'<li><b>Summary</b> : Föö fails to bar when baz --&gt; foo</li>'

The reason for #5038 (Links in email notifications are escaped) on 2023-08-22 was that the <a href ...> in the text returned by get_change_body() was getting escaped. This is fixed now:

>>> obj.get_change_body(ar, cw)
'<div><p>Robin Rood modified <a href="/#/api/tickets/Tickets/1" style="text-decoration:none">#1 (foo)</a>:</p><ul><li><b>Summary</b> : Föö fails to bar when baz --&gt; foo</li></ul></div>'

Let's repeat this for other database objects in order to increase test coverage!

>>> def test(obj, **kwargs):
...     cw = ChangeWatcher(obj)
...     print(obj.get_change_body(ar, None))
...     for k, v in kwargs.items():
...         setattr(obj, k, v)
...     print(obj.get_change_body(ar, cw))
>>> test(tickets.Site.objects.first(), name="Foo")
<div><p>Robin Rood created <a href="/#/api/tickets/Sites/1" style="text-decoration:none">pypi</a></p>.</div>
<div><p>Robin Rood modified <a href="/#/api/tickets/Sites/1" style="text-decoration:none">pypi</a>:</p><ul><li><b>Designation</b> : pypi --&gt; Foo</li></ul></div>
>>> test(cal.Event.objects.first(), start_time=datetime.time(10,5))
<div><p>Robin Rood created <a href="/#/api/cal/Events/1" style="text-decoration:none">New Year's Day (01.01.2013)</a></p>.</div>
<div><p>Robin Rood modified <a href="/#/api/cal/Events/1" style="text-decoration:none">New Year's Day (01.01.2013 10:05)</a>:</p><ul><li><b>Start time</b> : None --&gt; 10:05:00</li></ul></div>

The lino.modlib.comments.Comment model has a customized change body:

>>> test(comments.Comment.objects.first(), body="Foo")
Robin Rood commented on <a href="/#/api/groups/Groups/3" style="text-decoration:none">Front-end team</a>:<br>Styled comment <span>pasted from word!</span>
Robin Rood modified comment on <a href="/#/api/groups/Groups/3" style="text-decoration:none">Front-end team</a>:<br>Foo