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This document specifies how the lino_xl.lib.courses plugin is being used in Lino Tera.

Activities in Lino Tera are called "therapies". There are individual therapies, "life groups" (families and similar groups who live together or have lived together) and "therapeutical groups" (groups of indipendent clients who share a common interest).

This is a tested document. The following instructions are used for initialization:

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_book.projects.lydia.settings.doctests')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *
>>> dd.plugins.courses
lino_tera.lib.courses (extends_models=['Enrolment', 'Course', 'Line'])
>>> dd.plugins.courses.__class__.__bases__
(<class 'lino_xl.lib.courses.Plugin'>,)

The detail view of a therapy

>>> print(py2rst(courses.Activities.detail_layout))
(main) [visible for all]:
- **General** (general):
  - (general_1): **Reference** (ref), **Designation** (name), **Invoice recipient** (partner), **Invoiceable fee** (invoiceable_fee)
  - (general_2): **Manager** (user), **Therapist** (teacher), **Dossier type** (line)
  - (general_3): **ID** (id), **Print** (print_actions), **Workflow** (workflow_buttons)
  - **Enrolments** (EnrolmentsByCourse) [visible for secretary therapist admin]
- **Therapy** (therapy):
  - (therapy_1): **Therapy domain** (therapy_domain), **Procurer** (procurer), **Mandatory** (mandatory), **Translator type** (translator_type)
  - (therapy_2): **Healthcare plan** (healthcare_plan), **Ending reason** (ending_reason)
  - (therapy_3) [visible for therapist admin]: **Interests** (topics.InterestsByPartner), **Notes** (notes.NotesByProject)
- **Appointments** (calendar):
  - (calendar_1): **Recurrence** (every_unit), **Repeat every** (every), **Generate events until** (max_date), **Number of events** (max_events)
  - (calendar_2): **Room** (room), **Start date** (start_date), **End Date** (end_date), **Start time** (start_time), **End Time** (end_time)
  - (calendar_3): **Monday** (monday), **Tuesday** (tuesday), **Wednesday** (wednesday), **Thursday** (thursday), **Friday** (friday), **Saturday** (saturday), **Sunday** (sunday)
  - **Calendar entries** (courses.EntriesByCourse) [visible for secretary therapist admin]
- **Invoicing** (invoicing_2) [visible for secretary therapist admin]:
  - **Invoicings** (invoicing.InvoicingsByGenerator) [visible for secretary admin]
  - **Existing excerpts** (excerpts.ExcerptsByProject)
- **More** (more): **Division** (team), **Remark** (remark), **Tasks** (cal.TasksByProject) [visible for secretary therapist admin]

Note in particular that topic interests and notes are not visible to secretary:

>>> show_permissions(topics.InterestsByPartner)
therapist admin
>>> show_permissions(notes.NotesByProject)
therapist admin

Activity lines and activity layouts

In Lino Tera the lino_xl.lib.courses.ActivityLayouts choicelist is populated with the following activity layouts:

>>> rt.show(courses.ActivityLayouts)
======= ============= ====================== =====================
 value   name          text                   Table
------- ------------- ---------------------- ---------------------
 IT      therapies     Individual therapies   courses.Therapies
 LG      life_groups   Life groups            courses.LifeGroups
 OG      default       Other groups           courses.OtherGroups
======= ============= ====================== =====================

While in Voga or Avanti we can have many course lines, in Lino Tera there is only one course line per course layout.

>>> print(courses.Line._meta.verbose_name_plural)
Dossier types

Every course line knows which its layout.

>>> rt.show(courses.Lines)
=========== ====================== ================== ================== ====================== ============== ===================== ===================
 Reference   Designation            Designation (de)   Designation (fr)   Layout                 Service type   Manage presences as   Invoicing policy
----------- ---------------------- ------------------ ------------------ ---------------------- -------------- --------------------- -------------------
             Individual therapies                                         Individual therapies                  Attendee              By calendar event
             Life groups                                                  Life groups                           Attendee              By calendar event
             Other groups                                                 Other groups                          Attendee              By calendar event
=========== ====================== ================== ================== ====================== ============== ===================== ===================

Some table views use a given fixed activity layout, some don't.

>>> courses.LifeGroups.activity_layout
>>> print(courses.AllActivities.activity_layout)

When you are in a table with a fixed layout, your choices for the Course.line field are limited to lines of that layout.

>>> show_choices("robin", "/choices/courses/LifeGroups/line")
Life groups
>>> show_choices("robin", "/choices/courses/AllActivities/line")
Individual therapies
Life groups
Other groups

Furthermore, when you are in a table with a fixed layout and there is only one line object having that layout, Lino fills the line field automatically when creating a new course.

>>> fld = courses.Course._meta.get_field('line')
>>> print(fld.verbose_name)
Dossier type
>>> fld.blank