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Referring to other doctrees

The different doctrees of the Synodalsoft project often refer to each other. We do this by populating the Sphinx configuration variable intersphinx_mapping.


The main configuration setting of the sphinx.ext.intersphinx extension, which we use to make documentation links to other Sphinx doctrees.

The rstgen.sphinxconf.configure() function adds all websites of the Synodalsoft project to intersphinx_mapping. This is why you may refer to anchors in these doctrees.

You use it by adding the following line to your conf.py file:

from rstgen.sphinxconf import configure ; configure(globals())

This will define Sphinx configuration variables into your global context, one of them is intersphinx_mapping. To make this visible in a tested code snippet, we use a fake global context:

>>> g = dict()
>>> from rstgen.sphinxconf import configure ; configure(g)
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> pprint(g['intersphinx_mapping'])
{'atelier': ('https://atelier.lino-framework.org', None),
 'book': ('https://dev.lino-framework.org/', None),
 'cg': ('https://community.lino-framework.org/', None),
 'etgen': ('https://etgen.lino-framework.org', None),
 'getlino': ('https://getlino.lino-framework.org', None),
 'hg': ('https://hosting.lino-framework.org/', None),
 'lf': ('https://www.lino-framework.org/', None),
 'ss': ('https://www.synodalsoft.net/', None),
 'ug': ('https://using.lino-framework.org/', None),
 'welfare': ('https://welfare.lino-framework.org', None)}

In case you are curious, here is how rstgen.sphinxconf.configure() populates above values to the intersphinx_mapping variable:

>>> import synodal
>>> for r in synodal.REPOS_LIST:
...     if r.public_url and r.nickname and r.git_repo:
...         print("intersphinx_mapping[{!r}] = {!r}".format(r.nickname, (r.public_url, None)))
intersphinx_mapping['atelier'] = ('https://atelier.lino-framework.org', None)
intersphinx_mapping['etgen'] = ('https://etgen.lino-framework.org', None)
intersphinx_mapping['getlino'] = ('https://getlino.lino-framework.org', None)
intersphinx_mapping['welfare'] = ('https://welfare.lino-framework.org', None)
intersphinx_mapping['book'] = ('https://dev.lino-framework.org/', None)
intersphinx_mapping['cg'] = ('https://community.lino-framework.org/', None)
intersphinx_mapping['ug'] = ('https://using.lino-framework.org/', None)
intersphinx_mapping['hg'] = ('https://hosting.lino-framework.org/', None)
intersphinx_mapping['lf'] = ('https://www.lino-framework.org/', None)
intersphinx_mapping['ss'] = ('https://www.synodalsoft.net/', None)

The intersphinx_mapping is also populated by rstgen.sphinxconf.interproject.configure() when you specify a list of projects to include. This feature is currently used only by Luc’s blog.