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Project management

This document specifies the project management functions of Lino Noi, implemented in lino_xl.lib.tickets.

What is a project?

class lino_xl.lib.tickets.models.Project

A project is something on which several users work together.

A Project is something into which somebody (the partner) invests time, energy and money. The partner can be either external or the runner of the site.

Projects form a hierarchical tree: each Project can have a parent (another Project for which it is a sub-project).

A project in Noi is called a product backlog item (PBI) or a Sprint in Scrum. (At least for the moment we don't see why Lino should introduce a new database model for differentiating them. We have the ProjectType


The user to whom new tickets will be assigned. See Ticket.assigned_to.

Ticket versus project

The difference between "ticket" and "project" might not be obvious. For example something that started as a seemingly meaningless "ticket" can grow into a whole "project". But if this happens in reality, then you simply do it in the database.

The most visible difference is that projects are handled by their name while tickets just have a number. Another rule of thumb is that tickets are atomic tasks while projects are a way for grouping tickets into a common goal. Tickets are short term while projects are medium or long term. Tickets are individual and have a single author while projects are group work. The only goal of a ticket is to get resolved while a project has a more complex definition of goals and requirements.

Project types

class lino_xl.lib.tickets.models.ProjectType

The type of a Project.

class lino_xl.lib.tickets.models.TimeInvestment

Model mixin for things which represent a time investment. This currently just defines a group of three fields:


Whether this investment is closed, i.e. certain things should not change anymore.


Whether this investment is private, i.e. should not be publicly visible anywhere.

The default value is True. Tickets on public projects cannot be private, but tickets on private projects may be manually set to public.


The time (in hours) we plan to work on this project or ticket.