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countries : Countries and cities

The lino_xl.lib.countries plugin defines models and choicelists for managing names of countries, provinces, cities and villages, with special focus on their usage in postal addresses.

This page is a tested document and the following instructions are used for initialization:

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_book.projects.min9.settings')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *

See also lino_xl.lib.statbel.countries.

Countries and places

This plugin differentiates two big types of geographical areas: "countries" and "places". It is not interested in bigger areas than countries (like continents).


A geographic region with a national government.


Any named geographic region that is not a country.

Both tables, countries and places, are to be maintained by the site operator. There are several demo fixtures, some with quite complete lists, but these fixtures don't claim to be complete or fully up to date.

>>> rt.show(countries.Countries)
============================= ================================ ================================= ==========
 Designation                   Designation (de)                 Designation (fr)                  ISO code
----------------------------- -------------------------------- --------------------------------- ----------
 Bangladesh                    Bangladesh                       Bangladesh                        BD
 Belgium                       Belgien                          Belgique                          BE
 Congo (Democratic Republic)   Kongo (Demokratische Republik)   Congo (République democratique)   CD
 Estonia                       Estland                          Estonie                           EE
 France                        Frankreich                       France                            FR
 Germany                       Deutschland                      Allemagne                         DE
 Maroc                         Marokko                          Maroc                             MA
 Netherlands                   Niederlande                      Pays-Bas                          NL
 Russia                        Russland                         Russie                            RU
 United States                 United States                    United States                     US
============================= ================================ ================================= ==========
>>> rt.show(countries.Places)
============= ======================== ==================== ==================== ============== ========== ================================
 Country       Designation              Designation (de)     Designation (fr)     Place Type     zip code   Part of
------------- ------------------------ -------------------- -------------------- -------------- ---------- --------------------------------
 Bangladesh    Cumilla                                                            City
 Bangladesh    Dhaka                                                              City
 Belgium       Aalst                    Aalst                Alost                City           9300       Flandre de l'Est / Ostflandern
 Belgium       Aalst-bij-Sint-Truiden                                             Village        3800       Limbourg / Limburg
 Belgium       Angleur                                                            City           4031
 Belgium       Ans                                                                City           4430
 Belgium       Anvers                   Antwerpen            Anvers               Province
 Belgium       Baardegem                                                          Village        9310       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Baelen                   Baelen               Baelen               City           4837       Liège / Lüttich
 Belgium       Blégny                                                             City           4670
 Belgium       Brabant flamant          Flämisch-Brabant     Brabant flamant      Province
 Belgium       Brabant wallon           Wallonisch-Brabant   Brabant wallon       Province
 Belgium       Brussels                 Brüssel              Bruxelles            City           1000
 Belgium       Burdinne                                                           City           4210
 Belgium       Burg-Reuland                                                       City           4790
 Belgium       Butgenbach               Bütgenbach           Butgenbach           City           4750       Liège / Lüttich
 Belgium       Büllingen                Büllingen            Bullange             City           4760       Liège / Lüttich
 Belgium       Cerfontaine                                                        City           5630
 Belgium       Cuesmes                                                            City           7033
 Belgium       Erembodegem                                                        Village        9320       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Eupen                                                              City           4700
 Belgium       Flandre de l'Est         Ostflandern          Flandre de l'Est     Province
 Belgium       Flandre de l'Ouest       Westflandern         Flandre de l'Ouest   Province
 Belgium       Gijzegem                                                           Village        9308       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Hainaut                  Hennegau             Hainaut              Province
 Belgium       Herdersem                                                          Village        9310       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Hofstade                                                           Village        9308       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Kelmis                   Kelmis               La Calamine          City           4720
 Belgium       Kettenis                                                           Village        4701
 Belgium       La Reid                                                            City           4910
 Belgium       Limbourg                 Limburg              Limbourg             Province
 Belgium       Liège                    Lüttich              Liège                Province
 Belgium       Liège                    Lüttich              Liège                City           4000       Liège / Lüttich
 Belgium       Luxembourg               Luxemburg            Luxembourg           Province
 Belgium       Meldert                                                            Village        9310       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Mons                     Bergen               Mons                 City           7000
 Belgium       Moorsel                                                            Village        9310       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Mortier                                                            City           4670
 Belgium       Namur                    Namür                Namur                Province
 Belgium       Namur                    Namür                Namur                City           5000
 Belgium       Nieuwerkerken                                                      Village        9320       9300 Aalst / Alost
 Belgium       Nispert                                                            Township                  4700 Eupen
 Belgium       Ostende                  Ostende              Ostende              City           8400
 Belgium       Ottignies                                                          City           1340
 Belgium       Ouren                                                              Township                  4790 Burg-Reuland
 Belgium       Raeren                                                             Village        4730
 Belgium       Recht                    Recht                Recht                City           4780       Liège / Lüttich
 Belgium       Sankt Vith               Sankt Vith           Saint-Vith           City           4780       Liège / Lüttich
 Belgium       Thieusies                                                          City           7061
 Belgium       Trembleur                                                          City           4670
 Germany       Aachen                   Aachen               Aix-la-Chapelle      City
 Germany       Berlin                                                             City
 Germany       Cologne                  Köln                 Cologne              City
 Germany       Hamburg                                                            City
 Germany       Monschau                 Monschau             Montjoie             City
 Germany       Munich                   München              Munich               City
 Estonia       Harju                                                              County
 Estonia       Kesklinn                                                           Township                  Tallinn
 Estonia       Narva                                                              Town
 Estonia       Pärnu                                                              County
 Estonia       Pärnu                                                              Town                      Pärnu
 Estonia       Põhja-Tallinn                                                      Township                  Tallinn
 Estonia       Rapla                                                              County
 Estonia       Rapla                                                              Town                      Rapla
 Estonia       Tallinn                                                            Town                      Harju
 Estonia       Tartu                                                              Town
 Estonia       Vigala                                                             Municipality              Rapla
 Estonia       Ääsmäe                                                             Town                      Harju
 France        Marseille                                                          City
 France        Metz                                                               City
 France        Nancy                                                              City
 France        Nice                     Nizza                Nice                 City
 France        Paris                    Paris                Paris                City
 France        Strasbourg                                                         City
 Netherlands   Amsterdam                                                          City
 Netherlands   Breda                                                              City
 Netherlands   Den Haag                                                           City
 Netherlands   Maastricht                                                         City
 Netherlands   Rotterdam                                                          City
 Netherlands   Utrecht                                                            City
============= ======================== ==================== ==================== ============== ========== ================================

Plugin configuration


The 2-letter ISO code of the country where the site owner is located. This may not be empty, and there must be a country with that ISO code in countries.Country.


The place type to be considered as administrativ municipality.

See lino_xl.lib.courses.CountryCity.municipality


The verbose_name of the region field.


Whether to hide the region field in postal addresses. Set this to True if you live in a country like Belgium. Belgium is --despite their constant language disputes-- obviously a very united country since they don't need a region field when entering a postal address. In Belgium, when you write a letter, you just say the zip code and name of the city. In many other countries there is a mandatory intermediate field.


In a default configuration (when this is False), Lino declares a UNIQUE clause for Places to make sure that your database never contains duplicate cities. This behaviour might disturb e.g. when importing legacy data that did not have this restriction. Set it to True to remove the UNIQUE clause.

Changing this setting affects your database schema.


Whether demo fixtures should load all known data. Default is False, which means to just load an arbitrary selection of a few countries and cities, which is enough for most testing and demonstration purposes.

Database models

class lino_xl.lib.countries.Country

Django model to represent a country.


The designation of this country.

This is a babel field.


The two-letter code for this country as defined by ISO 3166-1. For countries that no longer exist it may be a 4-letter code.


A short abbreviation for regional usage. Obsolete.


The three-letter code for this country as defined by ISO 3166-1.


Return the place types that are used in this country.

Return all place types for countries without a country driver (see CountryDrivers).

class lino_xl.lib.countries.Place

Django model to represent a place.

Inherits from lino.mixins.sequenced.Hierarchical.


The superordinate geographic place of which this place is a part.


The country this place is in.


The type of this place (whether it's a city. a village, a province...)

This contains one of the items in PlaceTypes. The list of choices may be limited depending on the country.


Extends the default behaviour (which would simply diplay this city in the current language) by also adding the name in other languages and the type between parentheses.

class lino_xl.lib.countries.Countries

The table of all countries.

class lino_xl.lib.countries.Places

The table of known geographical places. A geographical place can be a city, a town, a suburb, a province, a lake... any named geographic entity, except for countries because these have their own table.

Place types

class lino_xl.lib.countries.PlaceTypes

A choicelist of possible place types.

>>> rt.show(countries.PlaceTypes)
======= ============== ================
 value   name           text
------- -------------- ----------------
 10                     Member State
 11                     Division
 12      region         Region
 13                     Community
 14                     Territory
 20      county         County
 21      province       Province
 22                     Shire
 23                     Subregion
 24                     Department
 25                     Arrondissement
 26                     Prefecture
 27      district       District
 28                     Sector
 50      city           City
 51      town           Town
 52      municipality   Municipality
 54      parish         Parish
 55      township       Township
 56      quarter        Quarter
 61      borough        Borough
 62      smallborough   Small borough
 70      village        Village
======= ============== ================

Sources used:

Model mixins

class lino_xl.lib.countries.CountryCity

Model mixin that adds two fields country and city and defines a context-sensitive chooser for city, a create_city_choice method, ...


The locality, i.e. usually a village, city or town.

The choicelist for this field shows only places returned by lino_xl.lib.countries.Place.get_cities().

This is a pointer to Place. The internal name city is for historical reasons.


The municipality, i.e. either the city or a parent of it.

See Municipality below.

class lino_xl.lib.countries.CountryRegionCity

Adds a region field to a CountryCity.

The AddressLocation mixin

class lino_xl.lib.countries.AddressLocation

A mixin for models than contain a postal address location.


Address line before street


Text to print before name of street, but to ignore for sorting.


Name of street, without house number.


House number.


Text to print after street number on the same line.


Address line to print below street line.


Virtual field which returns the location as a comma-separated one-line string.


Return the primary address of this partner.

Returns either None or an instance of AddressLocation.

address_location(self, linesep='\n')

Return the plain text postal address location part. Lines are separated by linesep which defaults to "\\n".

The country is displayed only for foreigners (i.e. whose country is not my_country)


>>> be = countries.Country.objects.get(isocode="BE")
>>> ee = countries.Country.objects.get(isocode="EE")
>>> tpl = u"{name}\n{addr}"
>>> obj = contacts.Company.objects.filter(country=be)[0]
>>> print(tpl.format(name=obj.name, addr=obj.address_location()))
Bäckerei Ausdemwald
Vervierser Straße 45
4700 Eupen
>>> obj = contacts.Company.objects.filter(country=ee)[0]
>>> print(tpl.format(name=obj.name, addr=obj.address_location()))
Rumma & Ko OÜ
Uus tn 1
Vigala vald
78003 Rapla maakond


class lino_xl.lib.countries.CountryDriver
class lino_xl.lib.countries.CountryDrivers
>>> rt.show(countries.PlaceTypes)
======= ============== ================
 value   name           text
------- -------------- ----------------
 10                     Member State
 11                     Division
 12      region         Region
 13                     Community
 14                     Territory
 20      county         County
 21      province       Province
 22                     Shire
 23                     Subregion
 24                     Department
 25                     Arrondissement
 26                     Prefecture
 27      district       District
 28                     Sector
 50      city           City
 51      town           Town
 52      municipality   Municipality
 54      parish         Parish
 55      township       Township
 56      quarter        Quarter
 61      borough        Borough
 62      smallborough   Small borough
 70      village        Village
======= ============== ================
>>> base = "/choices/countries/Places/type?country=BE"
>>> show_choices("robin", base + '&query=')
>>> show_choices("robin", base + '&query=ll')
>>> show_choices("robin", base + '&query=lll')
>>> countries.CountryDrivers.BE.city_types
[<countries.PlaceTypes.city:50>, <countries.PlaceTypes.municipality:52>, <countries.PlaceTypes.village:70>]
>>> countries.CountryDrivers.BE.region_types

Reproducing #2079

The following verifies bug #2079 introduced 20170821 and fixed 20170924 : when specifying a limit (which is always done by a Combobox), Lino reported not the full count but only the number of rows after applying limit (5 instead of 36 in below example):

>>> base = "/choices/contacts/Partners/city?country=BE&limit=5"
>>> show_choices("robin", base + '&query=', show_count=True)
9300 Aalst / Alost
3800 Aalst-bij-Sint-Truiden
4031 Angleur
4430 Ans
9310 Baardegem
36 rows

Data checkers

class lino_xl.lib.countries.PlaceChecker

The name of a geographical place should not consist of only digits.


The countries plugin provides a way to handle groups of places that have a common parent called their "municipality".