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buildcache : build the site cache

pm buildcache


$ pm buildcache [options]

This will build the files in your site cache.



Do not prompt for user input of any kind.

Lines starting with >>> in this document are code snippets that get tested as part of our development workflow.

>>> import lino
>>> lino.startup('lino_book.projects.min1.settings')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *
>>> from atelier.sheller import Sheller
>>> shell = Sheller(settings.SITE.project_dir)
>>> shell("django-admin buildcache --help")
usage: django-admin buildcache [-h] [--version] [-v {0,1,2,3}]
                               [--settings SETTINGS] [--pythonpath PYTHONPATH]
                               [--traceback] [--no-color] [--force-color]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             Show program's version number and exit.
  -v {0,1,2,3}, --verbosity {0,1,2,3}
                        Verbosity level; 0=minimal output, 1=normal output,
                        2=verbose output, 3=very verbose output
  --settings SETTINGS   The Python path to a settings module, e.g.
                        "myproject.settings.main". If this isn't provided, the
                        DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable will be
  --pythonpath PYTHONPATH
                        A directory to add to the Python path, e.g.
  --traceback           Raise on CommandError exceptions.
  --no-color            Don't colorize the command output.
  --force-color         Force colorization of the command output.
  --skip-checks         Skip system checks.

This command calls the Renderer.build_site_cache.