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nicknames: Nicknames

The lino_xl.lib.nicknames plugin adds functionality for managing nicknames.

Table of contents:

Lines starting with >>> in this document are code snippets that get tested as part of our development workflow.


When adding this plugin to your application, you must specify the nicknames.named_model.

Plugin configuration


The model that gets a nickname field.

The application developer defines this as a string referring to the model that should receive the my_nickname field. During startup. Lino resolves this into the actual model class.


class lino_xl.lib.nicknames.Naming

Django model used to represent a nicknaming.

That is, for storing the nickname used by a given user for a given database row.

Inherits from UserAuthored


The nameable object being named.


The user who is using this niackname.


The nickname given

Welcome messages

This plugin adds a welcome message “Your nicknamed Tickets are X, Y, …” that mentions all Tickets for which the requesting user has given a nickname. (Replace “Tickets” with the verbose_name_plural of your nicknames.named_model).


class lino_xl.lib.nicknames.Nameable

This model mixin adds the editable virtual field my_nickname


The nickname given to this database row by the current user.

Setting this to blank will remove the nicknaming.