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This module is for managing a reception desk and a waiting queue: register clients into a waiting queue as they present themselves at a reception desk (Empfangsschalter), and unregister them when they leave again.

It depends on lino_xl.lib.cal. It does not add any model, but adds some workflow states, actions and tables.

Extended by lino_welfare.modlib.reception.


The models.py file for lino_xl.lib.reception.


Defines the default workflows for applications which use reception plugin.


Plugin(site, app_label, app_name, ...)

See lino.core.Plugin.

class lino_xl.lib.reception.Plugin(site, app_label, app_name, app_module, needed_by, configs: dict)

Bases: Plugin

See lino.core.Plugin.

required_user_groups = 'reception'

The required user groups for viewing actors of this plugin.

This is overridden by Lino Welfare to include “coaching”.

This way of configuring permissions is an example for why it would be useful to replace user groups by a UserType class (and to populate UserTypes with subclasses of it).