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Shared documentation pages

Shared Sphinx source files

Some Lino doctrees contain shared Sphinx source files. The master copies of these files are maintained by convention in the book repository. Other repositories act as slaves of the book: they copy these files from the book when you run inv bd in these repositories.

The make_docs_command of a slave repository is set to './make_docs.sh', and the repository has a script of that name in its root directory.


Update shared source files from the master to the slave.

The content of this script is the same for most slaves:

set -e

if [ -d $BOOK ] ; then
  cp -au $BOOK/shared docs/
  cp -au $BOOK/copyright.rst docs/

But for example in the lf repository it additionally runs getlino list --rst to generate the docs/apps.rst file (List of known Lino applications).

Keep in mind that the make_docs.sh file will also be invoked on GitLab where the book repository is not present.

Shared include files

The following files are meant to be included by other files using the include directive.