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The front end

(Needs revision. See also Introduction to Front end Renderers.)

Lino comes with an extensible collection of out-of-the-box front ends.

Currently there’s one serious front end based on Sencha ExtJS and and another, experimental and more lightweight, based on the Twitter/Bootstrap library.

UI renderer

Lino has an extensible set of front ends (UIs). This means that you may access your Lino application in different ways. Currently there is only one fully functional UI, the ExtJS UI.

But also the Plain UI can be useful. You can currently see it in action by clicking the “HTML” button of a Grid.


Plain UI

A “plain” HTML render that uses bootstrap and jQuery. It is called “plain” because it’s much more lightweight than the ExtJS UI.



The detail view is when you see only one row at a time.


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