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One part of Lino is a system for programming complex printable reports.

One part of that system are "stories".

A story is a sequence of "chunks" of a bigger document. These chunks can be either an HTML element or a rt.TableRequest instance.

TODO: write more documentation.


class Foo(dd.Model):

class FooDetail(dd.FormLayout)

    preview_tab = dd.Panel("""
    """, label=_("Preview"))

class Foos(dd.Table):

    def summary_box(self, ar):
        return E.div(*ar.story2html(self.summary_story(ar)))

    def second_box(self, ar):
        return E.div(*ar.story2html(self.second_story(ar)))

    def summary_story(self, ar):

        def render(t):
            sar = ar.spawn(t, master_instance=self)
            if sar.get_total_count():
                yield E.h2(unicode(sar.get_title()))
                yield sar

        yield render(ResultByBudget)
        yield render(DebtsByBudget)
        yield render(BailiffDebtsByBudget)
        yield render(DistByBudget)