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The votes module

doctest init:

>>> import lino
>>> lino.startup('lino_book.projects.noi1e.settings.demo')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *

The lino_xl.lib.votes module adds the concept of "votes" to an application. This document describes how this looks in Lino Noi.

This plugin is currently not used anywhere.


Votes are currently not installed in noi, in favor of lino_xl.lib.stars and having tickets be assignable.

A vote is when a given user has an opinion or interest about a given ticket. A special case are vote invitations (votes having state "invited") where the user did not yet express any opinion or interest but is asked to do so.

Votes are visible in the VotesByVotable panel of a ticket. Your votes become visible as invitations, candidatures or tasks in your Office menu or your dashboard.

Vote invitations

Lino automatically creates vote invitations when a user comments on a ticket, works on a ticket or participates in an activity with that ticket.

When you have pending vote invitations, Lino displays them in the "My vote invitations" table on your dashboard.

This table basically is a list of tickets asking you to choose, for each of them, one of four options:

  • Cancelled : not interested. You declare that you don't want to be bothered with this ticket.

  • Watching : You are interested, you are neutral and did not yet declare your opinion. You want to be notified when something happens in this ticket.

  • Pro : optimistically watching. You declare that you want this ticket to get done. You support this ticket.

  • Con : skeptically watching. You declare that you want this ticket to get refused.

The pro and con states will be visible in the WishesByMilestone view and may be used for quick voting polls.

Voting polls

A voting poll is when one user asks other users to vote "yes", "no" or "undecided" on a series of questions.

You can run a voting poll in Noi as follows:

  • formulate your questions as tickets

  • create an activity and add your tickets as wishes

  • add enrolments to your activity. The participants will automatically get a vote invitation. Note that you must click the Save button of the activity for Lino to create vote invitations.


When a ticket has been declared "Open" by its author, then any watching user may decide move from unengaged watching to engaged acting. This is done in two steps: first you declare yourself as a candidate. The author of the ticket can then see your candidature and possibly assign you to that ticket.

My tasks

This table thows your votes having states assigned and done. It is your general "To-Do list".

Here are some examples for different users.

>>> rt.login('jean').show(votes.MyTasks)
========================================================================================== =============================================================
 Description                                                                                Actions
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------
 `#2 (☎ Bar is not always baz) <Detail>`__, assigned to `Jean <Detail>`__                   [▶] [★] **Assigned** → [Cancelled] [Watching] [Done] [Rate]
 `#108 (⚒ Ticket 108) <Detail>`__  by `Mathieu <Detail>`__, assigned to `Jean <Detail>`__   [▶] [★] **Assigned** → [Cancelled] [Watching] [Done] [Rate]
 `#84 (⚒ Ticket 84) <Detail>`__  by `Mathieu <Detail>`__                                    [▶] [★] **Done** → [Rate]
========================================================================================== =============================================================
>>> rt.login('mathieu').show(votes.MyTasks)
======================================================================================= ======================================================
 Description                                                                             Actions
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
 `#58 (☎ Ticket 58) <Detail>`__  by `Luc <Detail>`__, assigned to `Mathieu <Detail>`__   [▶] [★] **Assigned** → [Cancelled] [Watching] [Done]
 `#34 (☎ Ticket 34) <Detail>`__  by `Luc <Detail>`__                                     [▶] [★] **Done**
 `#19 (☉ Ticket 19) <Detail>`__  by `Luc <Detail>`__, assigned to `Mathieu <Detail>`__   [▶] [★] **Assigned** → [Cancelled] [Watching] [Done]
======================================================================================= ======================================================
>>> rt.login('luc').show(votes.MyTasks)
==================================================================================== ======================================================
 Description                                                                          Actions
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------
 `#98 (☎ Ticket 98) <Detail>`__  by `Jean <Detail>`__                                 [▶] [★] **Done**
 `#83 (☉ Ticket 83) <Detail>`__  by `Jean <Detail>`__, assigned to `Luc <Detail>`__   [▶] [★] **Assigned** → [Cancelled] [Watching] [Done]
 `#59 (☉ Ticket 59) <Detail>`__  by `Jean <Detail>`__                                 [▶] [★] **Done**
 `#44 (⚒ Ticket 44) <Detail>`__  by `Jean <Detail>`__, assigned to `Luc <Detail>`__   [▶] [★] **Assigned** → [Cancelled] [Watching] [Done]
 `#20 (⚒ Ticket 20) <Detail>`__  by `Jean <Detail>`__                                 [▶] [★] **Done**
==================================================================================== ======================================================
>>> rt.login('luc').show(votes.MyOffers)
======================================================== ===========================================================
 Description                                              Actions
-------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
 `#1 (⚹ Föö fails to bar when baz) <Detail>`__            [▶] [★] **Candidate** → [Cancelled] [Watching] [Assigned]
 `#107 (☉ Ticket 107) <Detail>`__  by `Jean <Detail>`__   [▶] [★] **Candidate** → [Cancelled] [Watching]
 `#68 (⚒ Ticket 68) <Detail>`__  by `Jean <Detail>`__     [▶] [★] **Candidate** → [Cancelled] [Watching]
======================================================== ===========================================================

Note that Luc is not a triager, that's why he does not have an [Assigned] action on other people's tickets.

>>> from lino_xl.lib.tickets.roles import Triager
>>> rt.login('luc').user.user_type.has_required_roles([Triager])

The state of a vote

See lino_xl.lib.votes.choicelists.VoteStates

>>> rt.login().show(votes.VoteStates)
======= =========== ===========
 value   name        text
------- ----------- -----------
 00      author      Author
 05      invited     Invited
 10      watching    Watching
 20      candidate   Candidate
 30      assigned    Assigned
 40      done        Done
 50      rated       Rated
 60      cancelled   Cancelled
======= =========== ===========

The Votable mixin

A votable, in Lino Noi, is a ticket. But the module is designed to be reusable in other contexts.