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Lino Noi and mailbox

This page is not being tested, the lino_xl.lib.mailbox

TODO: write some explanations...

>>> # rt.show('mailbox.Messages', column_names="subject from_header to_header")
================================================= ========================================= ================
 Subject                                           From header                               To header
------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------
 Re: Tonis in Vigala                               Tanel Saimre <tanel.saimre@example.com>   Luc Saffre
 Tonis in Vigala                                   Luc Saffre <luc.saffre@example.com>       Tanel Saimre
 parameters crash course by example                Luc Saffre <luc.saffre@example.com>       Tonis Piip
 Next hangout                                      Luc Saffre <luc.saffre@example.com>       Khchine Hamza
 with attachments                                  tonis <tonis@Pluto>                       team@localhost
 Re: Furnitures company                            "Stephanie.c" <stephanie.c@bigao-f.com>
 *****SPAM***** re: buy more instagram followers   "STEVEN" <medinaluca1@gmail.com>
================================================= ========================================= ================