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This is currently just an idea.

A new lino.modlib.hosting plugin would add the following models.

  • A host is a VPS or dedicated server running somewhere. A given host can offer one or several environments and can host one or several sites.

  • A site is a website where some web application is running. On an Apache server this corresponds to a VirtualHost. A site is always hosted on one and only one host.

  • An environment is a set of libraries. In a Python context this corresponds to a virtualenv. A site always uses one and only one environment from those offered by its host. Every environment possibly uses a set of repositories.

  • A repository is a Python package which is being used in an environment.

  • An upgrade is the fact that a site has been upgraded from one set of revisions to another set of revisions.


  • lino.modlib.hosting would need lino_xl.lib.tickets, and it would extend the Ticket model by injecting a field site which points to the site where the problem was observed.

The only goal of all this (in a first stage) is to know the timestamps of “the previous” and “the new” revisions in order to generate release notes.

I may sound surprising to perform such a complex theatre just for such a little thing.

It is partly due to the fact that we don’t work with released versions.

A “lighter” version of this would be to have only one model Upgrade which holds the timestamps before and after, to have the diag command output our current timestamp, and to enter these timestamps manually.

And it seems that the Milestone model (currently in lino_xl.lib.tickets) can go away.