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ana: Analytical accounting

The lino_xl.lib.ana plugin adds analytic accounting to general ledger.

The plugin defines several models:

  • Analytical accounts and their groups

  • Analytical invoices and their items

Table of contents:

About this document

Examples in this document use the lino_book.projects.lydia demo project.

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_book.projects.lydia.settings.doctests')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *

The plugin requires lino_xl.lib.accounting.

>>> dd.plugins.ana.needs_plugins

Analytical accounts

“Analytical accounts” can be configured via Configure ‣ Accounting ‣ Analytical accounts.

>>> show_menu_path('ana.Accounts')
Configure --> Accounting --> Analytical accounts
>>> rt.show('ana.Accounts')
=========== ====================== ====================== ======================
 Reference   Designation            Designation (de)       Designation (fr)
----------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ----------------------
 1           Operation costs        Diplome                Operation costs
 1100        Wages                  Löhne und Gehälter     Salaires
 1200        Transport              Transport              Transport
 1300        Training               Ausbildung             Formation
 1400        Other costs            Sonstige Unkosten      Other costs
 2           Administrative costs   Verwaltungskosten      Administrative costs
 2100        Secretary wages        Gehälter Sekretariat   Secretary wages
 2110        Manager wages          Gehälter Direktion     Manager wages
 2200        Transport              Transport              Transport
 2300        Training               Ausbildung             Formation
 3           Investments            Investierungen         Investments
 3000        Investment             Investierung           Investment
 4           Project 1              Projekt 1              Project 1
 4100        Wages                  Löhne und Gehälter     Salaires
 4200        Transport              Transport              Transport
 4300        Training               Ausbildung             Formation
 5           Project 2              Projekt 2              Project 2
 5100        Wages                  Löhne und Gehälter     Salaires
 5200        Transport              Transport              Transport
 5300        Other costs            Sonstige Unkosten      Other costs
=========== ====================== ====================== ======================
>>> dd.plugins.ana.ref_length
>>> fld = rt.models.ana.Account._meta.get_field('ref')
>>> fld.max_length

The plugin then injects two fields to your general accounts model and one field into your movments model:

>>> show_fields(accounting.Account, "needs_ana ana_account")  
- Needs analytical account (needs_ana) : Whether transactions on this account
  require the user to also specify an analytic account.
- Analytical account (ana_account) : Which analytic account to suggest for
  transactions on this account.
>>> show_fields(accounting.Movement, "ana_account")
- Analytical account (ana_account) : The analytic account to move together with this transactions.

And finally this plugin defines a new voucher type ana.AnaAccountInvoice which is almost the same as vat.AccountInvoice except that it has an additional field per invoice item where the user can specify an analytic account. For example:

>>> obj = ana.AnaAccountInvoice.objects.order_by('id').first()
>>> rt.show(ana.ItemsByInvoice, obj)
============================= ============= ==================== ========================== ================= ===== ==============
 Account                       Description   Analytical account   VAT class                  Total excl. VAT   VAT   Total to pay
----------------------------- ------------- -------------------- -------------------------- ----------------- ----- --------------
 (6010) Purchase of services                 (1100) Wages         Goods at normal VAT rate   40,00                   40,00
 **Total (1 rows)**                                                                          **40,00**               **40,00**
============================= ============= ==================== ========================== ================= ===== ==============

When you change the general account of an invoice item, Lino always updates the analytical account of that item.

Analytic accounts

class lino_xl.lib.ana.Account

The unique reference.


The analytic account group this account belongs to.

Groups of analytic accounts

class lino_xl.lib.ana.Group

The unique reference.


Invoices with analytic account

class lino_xl.lib.ana.AnaAccountInvoice

The MakeCopy action.

class lino_xl.lib.ana.InvoiceItem

Make a copy of an invoice ()

class lino_xl.lib.ana.MakeCopy

You can simplify manual recording of invoices using the button which creates an invoice using an existing invoice as template.

Lino then opens the following dialog window:


Wenn man das Fenster bestätigt, wird ohne weitere Fragen eine neue Rechnung erstellt und registriert.

Das Verhalten dieser Aktion hängt teilweise davon ab, ob man den Gesamtbetrag (Total inkl MWSt) eingibt oder nicht:

  • Wenn man einen Gesamtbetrag eingibt, wird eine einzige Rechnungszeile erstellt mit diesem Betrag. Das Generalkonto dieser Zeile ist entweder das im Dialogfenster angegebene, oder (falls man das Feld dort leer gelassen hat) das G-Konto der ersten Zeile der Kopiervorlage. Ebenso das A-Konto.

  • Wenn man den Gesamtbetrag leer lässt, werden alle Zeilen der Kopiervorlage exakt kopiert.


The entry date of the invoice to create.


The partner of the invoice to create.


The subject of the invoice to create.


The “your reference” of the invoice to create.


The total amount of the invoice to create. Leave blank if you want to copy all rows.

If you enter an amount,


The general account to use for the item of the invoice if you specified a total amount.


The analytical account to use for the item of the invoice if you specified a total amount.