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Introduction to Lino Polly

Lino Polly is a general-purpose web application to manage polls. A poll is a series of questions to be asked to a number of people. A response is when somebody answers to a poll.

  • To see Lino Polly follow the instructions in Discover Lino

  • Create new polls : Polls ‣ Polls

  • Create your response to a poll : Polls ‣ My responses

  • Create more "choice sets" in Configuration -- > Polls ‣ ChoiceSets (a choice set is a reusable set of possible answers to a question. Polly currently supports only blueprint questions with reusable sets of answers.)


  • More useful information in the Results tab

  • Display pending polls on the welcome page

  • Printable result sheet

  • Workflow & user permissions

  • Cannot define multiple choice questions. To remain 3NF, this requires another table