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Demo projects included with Lino

The Lino Developer Guide includes a collection of demo projects.

demo project

A directory with a settings.py file that can be used to run a development server process for testing, demonstrating and explaining Lino.

Each demo project has its own sqlite database, which needs to be initialized before you can use it. For example, in order to try out lino_book.projects.polly your can do:

$ go polly
$ django manage.py prep
$ django manage.py runserver

An overview of available demo projects is given in lino_book.projects and in Demo projects (we are working on merging these two documents).

You can initialize all demo projects in one operation by running inv prep from within the root directory of your book repository:

$ cd ~/repositories/book
$ inv prep

This will run pm prep in all demo projects.

The list of demo projects included with a code repository is defined in the demo_projects setting of the tasks.py file.