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Contributing code

So you want to share your changes in code or docs and let other people benefit from your skills. That’s nice! Thank you. Now is the time to speak about code contributions.

This sections explains technical aspects. See also Legal considerations for contributors.

General workflow

The general workflow for a code contribution is

  • Make sure that you have have the latest version (a “clean working directory” for all your repositories), e.g. by running pp git pull (see pp).

  • Run the test suite in order to verify that your environment is correctly set up.

  • Make your changes. That is, you change one or several files in your local copy of one or several repositories.

  • Run the test suite again to verify that your change didn’t break anything.

  • Communicate your changes to the others by submitting a pull request.

Types of code contributions


  • Find a bug in Lino (report it to the others, discuss about how to fix it)

  • A good thing to do in this situation is to first write a new test case which reproduces your bug. This new test case will of course break the test suite. You then fix the bug.

Documentation change

  • You stumbled into some pitfall because Lino’s documentation is not perfect. Now we should review the docs: how can we avoid that other newbies have this pitfall which caused you frustration.


Test case

New feature