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Adds functionality for handling checkdata messages.

See checkdata : High-level integrity tests.


User roles for lino.modlib.checkdata.


Runs the checkdata management command with --fix option.


Plugin(site, app_label, app_name, ...)

The config descriptor for this plugin.

class lino.modlib.checkdata.Plugin(site, app_label, app_name, app_module, needed_by, configs: dict)

Bases: Plugin

The config descriptor for this plugin.

responsible_user = None

The username of the main checkdata responsible, i.e. a designated user who will be attributed to checkdata messages for which no specific responible could be designated (returned by the checker’s get_responsible_user method).

The default value for this is None, except on a demo site (i.e. which has is_demo_site set to True) where it is "'robin'.


Set responsible_user to "'robin' if this is a demo site (is_demo_site).