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This page contains Lino-specific notes about internationalization.

The Django documentation on this topic applies as well: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/3.2/topics/i18n/

Note that the output of django-admin help makemessages seems to be wrong: (1) an option --settings is not necessary (if you specify it, it is ignored) (2) the option -l is mandatory. (See Django ticket #14419.)

We plan to translate Lino to languages de, fr, nl and et in the near future (in that order of priority).

Create or update *.po files

This process scans the source codes for messages that need translation, then creates or updates the *.po files.

cd \hgwork\dsbe\dsbe
django-admin makemessages -a

cd \hgwork\lino
make mm

Editing *.po files

You can edit the files with your preferred text editor, but I am quite glad with poEdit.

scite locale\de\LC_MESSAGES\django.po
django-admin compilemessages -l de

Compiling *.po files

When a *.po file has been updated, we must run compilemessages:

cd \hgwork\dsbe\dsbe
django-admin compilemessages -a

cd \hgwork\lino
make cm